About the Max K Realty Group – Attention to Detail and Pre-emptive Action

Property has been Max’s blood from a young age, in fact his college degree was an Architectural Degree with an emphasis on project management and building technology. He has been an entrepreneur that has managed and been part of complex projects and teams involving up to 50 people. He can foresee potential issues and problems before they happen and take action early to ensure the best outcome. Before becoming a real estate agent, Max had personally bought and sold over 20 properties and as a result has experienced first-hand how buyer agents and seller agents can fail in representing their client’s best interests. Due to our hands-on experience as a client and an agent in many real estate transactions, the Max K Realty Group has a unique perspective that gives us a deeper understanding of what is required to be an effective Real Estate Agent. The motto at Max K Realty Group is always give attention to detail in order to anticipate problems so that we can take advanced action to get the best terms and protect our client’s interests at all times.

The Max K Realty Group has teamed up with The Hesles Agency, which is one of top brokers in Texas and has also been very active in San Antonio and Austin for the past 20 years. Having built a reputation as a knowledgeable, hard-working agency in Texas area.

The Max K Realty Group has been established to focus on a discerning clientele that is looking for well designed homes located in San Antonio or on acreage in the many smaller towns and cities located in the growing Hill Country and surrounding areas around San Antonio and Austin. We also have a flare for designer homes with unique features including green home construction and development.

We work with clients that are selling or buying now or in a few years, either way we hope you enjoy our website and when you are ready please give us a call to chat about your real estate needs.